Absent from Blogging

I know I have been absent from blogging for quite some time. Truth be told, I have been super busy! Here is an overview of where I’ve been and what has been going on in the life of Eleventeen Apparel.

Back in the fall, I was hired to design and construct a set of 1950’s housewife costumes for Stage Presence for Dancers dance team “Minis”. Since their first competition in October, that routine in those costumes has won the team multiple first place awards including a “Best Costume” award!

The team went to Myrtle Beach at the end of June to compete at Dancemakers Inc. national competition. Stage Presence had 14 routines allowing them to compete in categories across the board in age and style of dance.

Overall, Stage Presence held their own as a studio and did a fantastic job representing Winslow, Maine! The “Minis” performed a vintage tap routine to Postmodern Jukebox’s cover of “Call Me, Maybe”. These girls rocked it and took home a second place trophy! I am so proud of this amazing group of girls, and so thankful that I was able to have a part in this routine through costuming!

dance team 2014

The next big project on my table is a wedding dress for a lovely friend of mine. Inspired by all things ballet, it is sure to be an eye-catching dress worn by a stunning lady! I will have pictures when the project is completed, but for now I will keep those to a minimum so as not to ruin the surprise. 🙂

I may be a little behind in the blogging area, but I am still going strong behind the machines! Follow me on Facebook and Twitter for a more up to date account of what’s on my table. Don’t forget to shop my Etsy store for overstock items, one-offs, and one of a kind pieces!

Be creative, my friends!

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