Fall is Here

Fall is probably the most-loved season in Maine. People come from all around to spend a day in one of our beloved apple orchards, experience the crisp, fresh air, and of course photograph the beautiful fall foliage. If you have never had the privilege to be in Maine during peak foliage, this week is the time to make the trip! The leaves are putting on their best fall show with blazing shades of red, orange, and gold. The forecast is calling for mostly sunny skies, which just highlights these colors all the more. The photo below was taken by my father-in-law, Chris Bolduc. He takes amazing photos!

Fall colors are also coming into the sewing room this week in the form of two projects. The first is a pair of lounge pants in a gold plaid flannel. The pants were constructed last week from a pattern I had drafted specifically for the son of one of my dear friends. He likes pockets and is super tall, so these are custom designed to meet his wants and needs. This week I will be putting in the waistband, hemming, and topstitching the final details in order to get them out to the gift-giver, his mom, in plenty of time for Christmas.

The second project is something I don’t normally take on, but I could not turn down this simple, sweet request. A friend that I met through our daughters’ preschool class was looking for someone to put together some small lovey blankets made from larger receiving blankets her daughter used as a baby. She supplied me with the fabric, which is a light-weight linen custom printed with her daughter’s name on it. I will be cutting it into smaller squares and binding it with a fall cranberry-colored satin blanket binding.

This week is sure to bring in the fall season with the foliage being at peak and the fall colors making their way into my work room. Maine is a gorgeous place to be anytime, but especially this time of year. If you haven’t made it up this way, now is the time. Sooner than later, we will have more leaves on the ground than on the trees. Have a happy Thursday. I look forward to sharing photos of these two projects once completed!

Where Have I Been?

I know, I know…I have said numerous times to myself and aloud…this is the year I am going to get my act together and pay attention to my website and start blogging on a regular basis. Well, I mean it this time. I really do. Here’s a peek into where I’ve been.
Five years ago, my husband and I decided to take the necessary steps to become licensed foster parents. In June of 2013 we took in our first foster child. She was 7-weeks old. That day changed the direction of our lives and put my little home business, along with many hobbies and activities, on hold. Our family spent 4 years fostering multiple children. Some were reunified with relatives, and we adopted the two, who through no fault of their own, could not be reunified. Needless to say, the past 4+ years have challenged us in more ways than we ever thought were possible. These kids took priority over everything else.
With two adoptions finalized, and our foster journey complete, we have started taking the steps to “get back to normal”, if you will. Everyone in our house FINALLY has the same last name. That’s huge. We no longer have monthly visitations with bio family, caseworkers, GALs, court dates, specialist appointments…etc. It is freeing.
I never stopped sewing during our foster journey. It was my little piece of sanity in all of the chaos. When the kids’ cases hit a rough patch or court didn’t quite go the way I had hoped, I could go into my sewing room, work on a project, and leave the emotional rollercoaster for a bit. Now that I have stepped away from the rollercoaster, I am finding my way back to all of the things that I left behind. This blog and this website are two of them.
Please join me in my sewing adventures! There have been many over the years that no one has ever seen. I plan to blog a few times a week about my current projects, things I would like to do, and possibly a look at past projects that never made it into public light. Maybe you’ll even get a glimpse at my kids as they are often in and out of my room when I am working. (mostly looking for food, which isn’t allowed in there, so why do they keep asking?!) Stop by often, we’ll have a good time!
Share my work and blog with your friends! I can also be found on Facebook-EleventeenApparel, and Twitter handle eleventeena.

Absent from Blogging

I know I have been absent from blogging for quite some time. Truth be told, I have been super busy! Here is an overview of where I’ve been and what has been going on in the life of Eleventeen Apparel.

Back in the fall, I was hired to design and construct a set of 1950’s housewife costumes for Stage Presence for Dancers dance team “Minis”. Since their first competition in October, that routine in those costumes has won the team multiple first place awards including a “Best Costume” award!

The team went to Myrtle Beach at the end of June to compete at Dancemakers Inc. national competition. Stage Presence had 14 routines allowing them to compete in categories across the board in age and style of dance.

Overall, Stage Presence held their own as a studio and did a fantastic job representing Winslow, Maine! The “Minis” performed a vintage tap routine to Postmodern Jukebox’s cover of “Call Me, Maybe”. These girls rocked it and took home a second place trophy! I am so proud of this amazing group of girls, and so thankful that I was able to have a part in this routine through costuming!

dance team 2014

The next big project on my table is a wedding dress for a lovely friend of mine. Inspired by all things ballet, it is sure to be an eye-catching dress worn by a stunning lady! I will have pictures when the project is completed, but for now I will keep those to a minimum so as not to ruin the surprise. 🙂

I may be a little behind in the blogging area, but I am still going strong behind the machines! Follow me on Facebook and Twitter for a more up to date account of what’s on my table. Don’t forget to shop my Etsy store for overstock items, one-offs, and one of a kind pieces!

Be creative, my friends!

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Garment Bags

This month, Eleventeen Apparel will be offering 38″ and 53″ garment bags. These items will be special order only. Bags are made from water-resistant fabrics to keep your costumes dry in any weather! Garment bags have an easy fold feature making transportation quick and simple. Preview the colors and prints below, then contact me to place your order! Orders may be placed through this website or at http://www.facebook.com/eleventeenapparel. Garment bags are priced $25 and $35.


garment bag garment bag2 garment bag3 garment bag4


Dance Team Costumes-1950’s Style

This month I was hired by Stage Presence for Dancers to create 1950’s style dresses for the dance team mini division. It has been so much fun working with the instructors at the studio to bring their vision to life.

The dresses are all reminiscent of 50’s housewives. All were made from cotton fabrics with zippered closures for easy dressing. Each dress has an individual personality. Some have sleeves, others are sleeveless. Neckline are scoop or square, and a few have collars. Buttons adorn the bodices of some, and one dress features a split skirt. The colors and patterns are mismatched with just enough in common to flow beautifully next to one another.

I was able to watch the girls practice their competition routine in their dance team costumes a few weeks ago. It was fabulous! Each dancer has a crinoline skirt to make the dress full, plus a one-of-a-kind accessory to add individuality and quirkiness.

The team has their first Dance America competition on November 1. I look forward to hearing about how it went! This is a wonderful group of talented girls. I wish them all the best of luck!

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